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Marketing is just storytelling.

What’s your story?

I consider myself a student of stories. After all, stories are how we humans connect with one another. Good stories move us emotionally or compel us to action. For all the limelight cast upon reason, logic, and facts in our modern society, and for as truly great as they can be, they don’t actually sway minds, opinions, or actions. Only good stories do that. That’s not just me talking either; it’s the science (link).

Beyond stories, I’m a loving husband and dad of four (16, 14, 12, 9). I left my day job to be more of a caretaker for my kids before they start to leave the nest, and so my lovely wife could more seriously pursue her midwifery career at BeautifulThingsBirthServices.com

If you like what you see and are interested in having me update your technology or marketing, please contact me to discuss your project!

Career Highlights

During my tenure at Greenhouse Megastore we accomplished a lot! Key highlights were:

  • 10x growth in topline online revenue
  • 300% growth in ROAS
  • 4x growth in email marketing revenue
  • Top SEO rankings across a variety of keywords

Professional References

Mike Cox, Creative Director BFG Supply Inc.

Former colleague and supervisor.

David George, CEO Greenhouse Megastore

Former boss and supervisor.

Sonna Lee, Purchasing Supervisor Greenhouse Megastore

Former colleague.

Sam George, Owner Mad Goat Coffee & Royal Donut

Business partner.

Drew has helped my companies immensely on several projects over the years. He built the website for Mad Goat Coffee and did the majority of the content creation for the site. Over the past 8 years he has helped build and market Mad Goat as a premier brand for coffee in East Central Illinois. Additionally, Drew helped with the communication regarding the purchase and re-opening of Royal Donut in Danville. He wrote our press release that went out to several newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations as well as gathering thousands of shares on Facebook.

Drew has a talent for creating content that is smart, witty and engaging. He spends time researching the topic he is writing about and highlighting facts or issues that will help the brand stand out to its customers. I am grateful I have had his expertise over the years and I highly recommend his work.

Sam George, owner
Mad Goat Coffee and Royal Donut